Tuesday, April 22, 1997


One of the first trips we ever took together was to the Bahamas.  The idea we could drink and gamble under the age of 21 appealed to us, even though we didnt really love to drink or gamble.  Plus "the Bahamas" sounded really, really exotic back then (:

We stayed at a hotel called the Crystal Palace which I cant say much about other than it was painted like a rainbow and taxis were readily available to take you wherever you wanted to go.  Oh, and it had a casino inside-one of the workers gave me a pack of cards being retired from the deck that had a hole punched through them.  Still have those!

One evening we opted to go to a local disco and chose The Zoo where of course I bought an obligatory "Zoo me, Do me" tshirt (classy).  We drank Kalik like it was going out of style and danced the night away to the macarena. The DJ played it over and over again for me as long as I shook my hiney.  I know....

We walked across the bridge to Paradise Island and the details have faded but somehow we got our hands on wristbands to enjoy unfettered access to the waterslides.  This my friend was a great day.

This trip began a lifelong love of renting scooters and seeing the land on our own terms.  We spent hours motoring down side streets marvelling at the pastel houses dotting the seaside.  (Pauses for moment of fond recollection.)

"Hey beautiful, you want your hair braided?"  Why yes, yes I do.  I went home with a headfull of long skinny braids knotted with giant silver glassy beads.

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