Thursday, March 20, 2014

RTW-have you been?

Twenty years ago we wouldve called it "gap year."  Fifteen years ago we mightve described it as our "last hoorah" before real life began.  Now, I think we will just call it "fulfilling a dream!"

We are in the early stages of planning our first (of hopefully several over our lives but shh dont tell him) trip around the world!

Destinations have initially sort of been categorized as must sees, nice to sees, and might as well sees while we are there (sounds like popeye).

The must sees of course is the most exciting as these are places and experiences that we either heard/saw/read about at some point in life that so moved our souls they earned a place in our dreams.

Northern Lights
Chiang Mai/Yee Peng
Jellyfish Lake
Easter Island
Swim through glowing waters (marine bioluminescence)
New Zealand

For now, you can check out what inspires us as we plan our itinerary at

Edit: Upon learning of our upcoming travels a coworker seriously asked if I was dying.  I couldnt help but laugh and had to share that. No, this isnt "Make a Wish," its just a dream come true (: But sad he and others might let their dreams remain just dreams.

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