Monday, August 11, 2014

RTW-Planning Updates

After *a lot* of thought and consideration we have decided to break our destinations into single adventures.  I hear some groans of disappointment in the crowd but just listen:

Really, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed-I am an anxious traveler.  Not even the knowledge that I'd be making my dreams come true were enough to quell this uneasy feeling inside.

After a few weeks of observing my downward spiral Chris suggested we break things up.  At first I adamantly refused thinking it was simply mind over matter.  And because "everybody knows" a RTW trip with a few weeks home b/w each leg was akin to.... (trying to think of good analogy) I don't know (gets animated) hiking the Appalachian Trail staying in hotels.  Or (even more animated) an Everest summit using O2!  Wussies!  Right!?

A friend put it best when she said: "Eff that, make your own rules!"  Love that <3

So I agreed to break things up-and can I just say I haven't felt more "sure" of anything since?  It seems kind of silly now that I fought it for so long.

Further, I feel like I can very easily focus all my energy and attention to each destination and really allow the planning and the dreaming and the experience to wonderfully and wholly envelope my entire soul!  (Yes, I really think like this!)

So, as has been since its inception, our RTW continues down the path of "unconventional."  This means more time and more money but I'm so thankful to Chris for putting aside reason and sensibility to help create an ideal journey for me (blows him a kiss).

Our itinerary currently stands at:

1. Vieques, Puerto Rico (Bio Bay)
2. Northern Thailand (Yi Peng, Loi Krathong)
3. Nepal
4. Northern Lights (not sure Iceland or Lapland)
5. Patagonia
6. Palau
7. Africa, maybe: We are considering Kilimanjaro!  With possibly a post-summit respite at Giraffe manor.  Go on, click and then tell me you wouldn't!  Though I cant say why Africa has just never really called to me. Researching rtw though I have found a lot of amazing experiences there (Devil's pool in Victoria Falls, eg). This destination will remain tentative (:

So now that I am back to my typical Kumbaya flowers in my hair all is right with the world self I feel free to totally appreciate and anticipate the 6 amazing months that lie ahead of us!

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